What is the significance of Corn Oil and Groundnut Oil ?

1 April 2021

Author Name: Dishit Nathwani

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Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil, also known as the peanut oil, is highly used in the medical field as it contents have a major role to play in the cure of a great many human conditions today! Apart from lab prepared medicines, these provide a natural way of treating such conditions. Gulaboil proviodes Groundnut oil, has proved to be a good cure to prevent some heart diseases as it has a good effect upon lowering one’s cholesterol level.

In the oil form as it is available to us as consumers, it is applied directly to our skin, in cases of any type of joint pain, or arthritis, eczema, and many other conditions. Besides lowering cholesterol and preventing heart diseases, it can also have a mild effect whatsoever in preventing cancer, weight loss by decreasing appetite and reducing constipation conditions. Apart from the use of the medical side of groundnut oil, it is really used in a wide range of contained food products like nut butter, spreads, etcetera, because of the yummy taste and flavours that it provides.

Most commonly it is good flavour oil in cooking and is highly demanded by a number of cooks for preparing dishes in multiple cuisines. Not only that, a wide range of skin care items use a great deal of groundnut oil. The cosmetics industry uses this in various products- skin butter, serums, hydrating creams and lotions, and even in essential baby products- it is in great demand! Groundnut oil is really healthy to consume as it has a low content of what we call ‘bad fat’ or saturated fatty acids which are hard to be broken down in our body. Unable to be broken down, fatty deposits occur in a number of parts in our body giving way to multiple problems and complexities: fatty build- up in blood vessels would be a serious harm undoubtedly.

On the contrary, it is high in single molecule unsaturated fatty acids or what we can call ‘good fat’, which are very easy to be broken and hence does not raise any complexities in the bodies of us, the consumers. Not only does groundnut oil have this effect, corn oil too has really proved to be a major reducer agent for lipoproteins and the cholesterol in one’s plasma total. It has a pleasant taste and being highly polyunsaturated as a fatty substance and non- hydrogenated as oil it serves as a control substance for cholesterol related research procedures today.

There are diseases like diabetes mellitus, several types of chronic human conditions, blood coagulations, and what not! Many researchers have suggested that corn oil is essential in curing cardiovascular diseases and cholesterolemia. Patients with a high lipid profile can ingest such oil extracts to reduce risks on the grounds of platelet count. Studies have shown up to a sixteen percent cholesterol deduction in an average patient under corn oil supplements. High composition of non- triglyceride compounds, and more so, presence of sterols, enables it to act as a cure for chronic human conditions today. Being natural extracts, consumed with supplements in appropriate doses and compositions, they have very few or no side effects and a slow but active impact on the ongoing health conditions. Studies have shown no undesirable effects and a highly efficient effect of such supplements in almost all human trials.

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