Which Health Tips on Sunflower Oil are Relevant?

6 April 2021

Author Name: Dishit Nathwani

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Mustard Oil

Sunflower oil is extracted from seeds of sunflowers. The oil is commonly used as a frying agent in food, with its production rates booming from countries like Russia and Ukraine it is bred selectively to cater different levels of fatty acids in the oil. There are four kinds of sunflower oil, only three of them are sold in shops.

  • High-linoleic contains more omega-3 fats than omega-6 ones, usually prescribed by dietitians to patients with type-2 diabetes
  • Sunflower oil with high-oleic is considered to be the Best Sunflower Oil because it’s rich in omega-3 and poor in omega-6 fat content. It promotes proper hormone functionality
  • mid-oleic, and it is used as light dressing in salads. It contains fat content less than three quarters
  • high-stearic combined with high-oleic is not available in the food market for consumers

Best Sunflower Oil is equipped with high oleic acids and is more in demand because of their high smoke point. Mustard Oil has the same smoke point as sunflower oil; they are easily used in restaurants and fast food chains. It’s nutritional content is high in vitamin E which is good in strengthening the immune system, maintaining good skin & eye. Click this link to know more benefits of these oils.

It’s fundamental composition is of :-

  • Linoleic acid
  • Polyunsaturated fat (PUFA)
  • Monounsaturated fat (MUFA)

Like most essential oil such as Mustard Oil and groundnut oil. As a natural and artificially modified edible oil there are pros and cons to consuming it. According to its nutritional content we will see how well it helps the body to grow and recover.

Counters inflammation and prevents heart diseases

It has high content value of healthy fats (MUFA) which is a game changer for patients with weak hearts, depending on the type of sunflower oil you use the amount of saturated fats vary however, most of them do have high unsaturated fats which helps in moderating cholesterol levels.

Improves eyesight and hair is healthier

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that replenishes the hair and eyesight. Although it’s a steady process of recovery, it helps maintain a balance when damage is done on the said parts. Although, vitamin E is also found in fruits and berries having it in cooking oils are advantageous in living a sustainable lifestyle

Develops healthy hair

Directly applying sunflower oil on your scalp and hair ends results in soft, voluminous hair, it works as a natural hair serum in all it’s natural glory. It can also be used as a conditioner, it has GLA which helps in preventing major hair loss and can be used as a hair treatment

Promotes activity

Sunflower oil also produces glycogen which is an essential sugar substance that promotes energy and boosts your physical activities. This can help replace laziness with enthusiasm, you can further continue building muscles for quick reflexes and motor movements.

In the end…

Although sunflower oil is primarily used for cooking, there are other ways it helps us. Take therapy massages for a change, sunflower oil can be used to massage aches and sores. Additionally, it betters the process of digestion. It’s shelf life depends on how well it is stored, keeping it in dark and cool conditions just as other cooking oils can slow down the process of expiration.

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